Discover the beauty of Milos island. Join us for an amazing daily sailing excursion on board Chrysovalandou Sailing Catamarans. Initiate the seamanship, participate actively in the sailing procedures and visit famous locations accessible only by sea. Dare to try a unique experience...

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    Safari Jet Ski

    A jet ski ride is the ultimate holiday experience with a guaranteed adrenaline rush! You can discover the natural beauty of the island getting to the most magical beaches by jet ski. A unique and unforgettable experience with the company of our qualified team!

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    Adamas - Kleftiko


    Discover the natural beauty of the west coastline. A 26 nm distance daily excursion with satisfying stops at all the northwest amazing spots of Milos.

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    Around Milos and Poliegos

    A 45 nm distance daily excursion around the island, a sailing adventure with short visits to even more destinations of interest, including a visit at Poliegos island.

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    Around Poliegos and Kimolos

    Expand your experience through a full day visit around Poliegos and Kimolos, away from traffic and modernity.

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    Private Daily Charters

    The catamarans are also available for private day charters with itineraries tailorednto your specific preferences and requirements.


All-inclusive private weekly sailing trips & diving excursions around the greek islands. The cruises described in these pages are only indicative and can be tailored to your specific preferences and requirements. Contact our experienced sailing team & start planning together a unique journey.

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    5 amazing days in majestic Milos!

    5 amazing days in majestic Milos! We create a unique holiday package for you in order to spend relaxing moments in our beautiful island!

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    11 unforgettable days in dreamy Paros, Naxos, Santorini!

    Visit the most cosmopolitan Cycladic islands with this flexible 11 days package.

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    11 days trip combining sea and land...

    Depending on your preferences, you can visit small, quiet islets or famous,ncosmopolitan harbours, combining onboard and hotel accommodation.

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    One week trip in SouthEast Cyclades

    Contact now our experienced sailing team and organize togethernthe itinerary of your dreams.

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    Two weeks trip in SouthWest Cyclades

    Our sailing catamarans is one of the most contemporary and safe waysnto spend your vacations from the big, fertile island of Naxos to the tiny island of Donousa.