Adamas - Kleftiko (Route 1)

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Departure around 09:30 from Adamas port. Sailing across the coastline, leaving behind us Milos bay, we pass by the traditional fishing villages of Skinopi, Klima, Areti and Fourkovouni with the colorful little houses -called "sirmata"- built by the sea side. Then we will visit Arkoudes, a complex of lava rocks, which takes its name by its characteristic shape; the form of a bear. Opening the sails we are heading to the impressive cape Vani. Around 10:30 we arrive to the natural bay of Kalogries, which is ideal for diving from the yacht in the transparent turquoise waters. You can also enjoy beverages and little snacks. Departure around 11:30. Heading to Kleftiko, we are fishing in the traditional way, admiring at the same time the amazing landscape of rocky formations created by the volcanic lava on the west coastline. Around 12:30 we arrive at the hideout of the pirates, where you can enjoy swimming or taking underwater pictures. A fresh fruit salad awaits on the yacht. We depart around 13:45 for the cave of Sikia. We can swim to the beach using flippers and masks or we can use the tender. If the weather allows, we will enjoy a tasteful lunch on board or at the beach. We depart around 19:45 to enjoy the sunset on board
 and taste the famous home made ice-cream by "Aggeliki". Back to Adamas port around 20.00.

The program is subject to amendment depending on weather conditions and at the discretion of the captain.


01 APR - 10 JUN  90€
11 JUN - 14 SEP 110€
15 SEP - 28 OCT  90€

01 APR - 10 JUN  100€
11 JUN - 14 SEP  120€
15 SEP - 28 OCT 100€

10th JUL - 10th SEP Max No of Passengers
for Nautitech 395 » 28 pax  /  for Nautitech 475 » 38 pax

1st MAY - 10th JUL & 10th SEP - 31st OCT Max No of Passengers
3 times a week min 10 to max 16 Passengers for both vessels
4 times a week for Nautitech 395 » 28 pax  /  for Nautitech 475 » 38 pax


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