Around Poliegos and Kimolos (Route 3)

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Route 3 : Departure from Pollonia at 09:45 am. Sailing east, on our right side we see Agios Georgios and on our left side we see Agios Eustathios, these are islets between Milos and Poliegos. We open the sails and we arrive at Mersini, unique location at the west side of Poliegos island. Our arrival there is around 10:30 am, the ideal time for swimming in the incredible waters! Our destination now is the beautiful island of Kimolos! Next stop around 12:30 pm is at Prasa a wonderful beach, which is located at the east side of the island. We continue our cruise in order to visit the caves of the seals, a majestic locations especially for the nature lovers! Our departure is around 13:30 pm, now sailing for the picturesque north side of Poliegos island. Specifically, there the rock formations are definitely a sight to behold! We are going to enjoy the crystal waters at Fanara for 30 minutes. Our course now is southeast in order to explore the numerous sea-caves which are located there by using our tender or by swimming. Our departure is at 16:30 pm and our destination is the famous Galazia Nera , we are going to enjoy swimming there and definitely this is an unforgettable location! Our departure is 18:30 pm for our last stop at Kato Mersini, swimming and snorkelling before taking the road back to Pollonia, our arrival is at 19:00 pm.

This route is available three times a week.
The program is subject to amendment depending on weather conditions and at the discretion of the captain.


01 APR - 10 JUN  110€
11 JUN - 14 SEP  130€
15 SEP - 28 OCT  110€

01 APR - 10 JUN  120€
11 JUN - 14 SEP  140€
15 SEP - 28 OCT  120€

10th JUL - 10th SEP Max No of Passengers
for Nautitech 395 » 28 pax  /  for Nautitech 475 » 38 pax

1st MAY - 10th JUL & 10th SEP - 31st OCT Max No of Passengers
3 times a week min 10 to max 16 Passengers for both vessels
4 times a week for Nautitech 395 » 28 pax  /  for Nautitech 475 » 38 pax


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